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Chapter 25

May 25, 2021

Rather than getting restless & annoyed at being constantly misunderstood & underestimated, I decided to better myself. Made a new rule of only posting/editing/making youTube video after I finished a book or memorized a new piece of music.

I finished Purity of Music last night, but decided to re-read beginning parts because I forgot after such a long pause.

I share Thibaut's views, again on philistinism & reception of music, though I can't agree personally with his dislike for opera.

I understand conceptually why Schumann was right to recommend this book - a bit surprising/traditional in contrast to a Romantic like hismelf, but you need Thibaut to balance out Jean Paul's fantasies.

Today, I returned to Davidsbündlertänze after another hiatus.

Realized I've neglected Schumann's rests & staccatos in last movement... I'm sorry!

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