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Tiffany's album diary

welcome to my inner thoughts

Chapter 22

March 12, 2021

[Someone is interested in Schumann album concept]

I've heard this before & it never came into anything.


I don't want to put my hopes up.

Instead, I've been fascinated by Walt and Vult.

I've known for years that Schumann was inspired by Walt & Vult, but I didn't expect the relation to Eusebius & Florestan to be this apparent.

It's no wonder Schumann loved these twin characters so much. The conflict between pursuing law vs. art mirrors his life, as if the book was written for Schumann. I wonder if Schumann was influenced by how these characters play out this conflict...Excited to read on & find out more parallels.

Reading this reminds me of why I love German Romanticism literature.

Hope it'll liven up my currently boring playing...

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