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Chapter 21

March 10, 2021

Since last entry, I've re-read Schumann's Advices for Young Musicians.

One of which reads

"Play strictly in time"

This resonated with me since because [sic] I never thought he was against rubato as a romantic composer.

At the same time, it makes lots of sense and has become a good reminder for myself as I try to unlearn horrible tempo changes (erratic) which I've been struggling in Abegg Variations.

Browsed through YouTube listening to all kinds of interptations, dead & alive pianists.

Why did all living ones play with such extreme rubato - this is what I'm trying to correct for myself.

Dead ones like Richter & Ginzberg are the only who treat it like a natural, simple composition with innocence.

Did others think Florestan is in Abegg?!

That's to say, I've been very conscious of rubato while learning Davidsbündlertänze.

Also, today, I began Jean Paul's Fleggeljahre. Funny start!

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When I hear someone playing with too much rubato I feel like I have to eat a cupcake that's been buried under 4 inches of butter cream icing 🤢


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