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Tiffany's album diary

welcome to my inner thoughts

Chapter 20

February 20, 2021

Haven't been practicing consistently the past week & haven't touched album repertoire for some week(s)?

except for 2 Eusebius movements of Davidsbündlertänze (to cry with...)

I just announced my first all-Schumann endeavor and I've already cried once from pressure (from myself) to bring in an audience yesterday.

I'm so invested in bringing audiences to Schumann, never before have I taken it so personally.

After playing through entire C. Schumann Sonata and then immediately Davidsbündlertänze,

I feel 2 pressures/challenges,

1) To make it understandable in performance for audiences because D is so long & all over the place. In the middle of playing, I really wonder how can one follow his music at a concert...

2) To draw in audience - those who don't love Schumann as I do - to Schumann's music through YouTube...

Also, I need to work on my stamina to survive playing twice 80 minute program in Dresden...

[Spoiler alert: this concert got canceled]

And while playing, I kept thinking, I have to read Jean Paul's Vult brothers to understand Eusebius/Florestan & Schumann's passion better.

I also forgot to document that 2 weeks ago, I got curious about why Schumann loved Schubert & his 4 hand rondo so much from reading his letters. Made a video about my exploration & people seem to love it. Problem is how to continue without annoying people about how much I love Schumann...

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