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Tiffany's album diary

Sometime in December 2020, I decided to buy a little red notebook. I had so many thoughts, so, so much angst and emotions, with lots of philosophical musings, I started feeling bad about dumping them all on my friends... I wanted to document and work through my thought process behind this album on paper. An album that I thought would come out in 2021. Well, the release timeline has changed. And boy have things changed a lot during this process. Actually, the process became so long, I ran out of pages and had to buy a 2nd little notebook - not red though, it's navy blue. It's now nearing end of 2023. I still have those 2 notebooks. And I still feel like sharing them with you - well, at least some of the entries. No one needs to know everything... Schumann's music should speak for itself. And it will. I am just the messenger, doing my very best to not stand in the way, but offer additional avenues for you to connect with the music I love deeply. I've learned a lot, and honestly, I am still learning today - over a year after making the record. Not only about Schumann, but also about pianos, music, art and myself. As you read through the chapters and experience the process from my pen, you will learn with me the perspectives and questions I thought about, the daydreams, the music, philosophy and art that inspired the making of this album. Schumann's music should speak for itself. And it will. My biggest hope is that these entries will bring you ultimately closer to the music, as we anticipate for the release in February 2024. Rather than dealing with the logistical nightmare of publishing a physical book, a book that I'm still revising and writing along the way, I thought I'd embrace 21st century technology and publish this album diary as a serialized book here on the web. Remember the good old days of reading weekly chapters of a serialized novel in newspapers. . . like back in the 1800s? That's what I'm kind of doing now. Welcome to my inner thoughts behind ``Diaries: Schumann" and the world of Schumann :)

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